Amsterdam is the capital. and largest city in Holland, with a population of more than 820,000, and the most visited, Amsterdam is located in the province ‘Noord-Holland’, situated in the west. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, receiving more than 4.5 million tourists annually. Amsterdam derives its name from the city’s origin as “Dam” of river “Amstel”. In the past, the name was “Amstelredamme” which later changed as “Amsterdam” amsterdam1

Amsterdam is colloquially known as Venice of the North because of its lovely canals that criss-cross the city, its impressive architecture and more than 1,500 bridges. It is a beautiful and romantic city with its antique houses, lovely bridges, famous canals.

Amsterdam is where modern architecture developed organically between facades of historical buildings. Since it is not a big city, all sites of interest are within an acceptable distance. This is why Amsterdam is so popular with lovers of architecture.

amsterdam2it’s a mixture of 17th century historical atmosphere with a very modern metropolis, this together with the liberal and free mentality of the multicultural residents gives Amsterdam a very special atmosphere.